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Noromectin Horse Paste

Ivermectin Paste for horses

Price: $10.00 ON SALE Normally: $12.00
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ATV Farm Bike Windshield

Protects you from the cold wind, and keeps the insects out of your eyes

Price: $275.00
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Mectin Plus Tape

Abamectin, Praziquantel, + Minerals.

First lamb drench   UNAVAILABLE

Price: From $120.00
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FREE Pour-On Applicator with Noromectin pour-on
purchases over $495.

FREE Oral Drench Gun with sheep Oral Drench
Products over $500.

2 Months deferred payment with on-line
Drench orders on request.

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JR Lasers is your Rural supplier of quality drench and merchandise products for the farm. All drench products come from world leaders and are renowed for quality and economy.

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