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 10Kg Hexazinone 750WG

10Kg Hexazinone 750WG

For selective weed control in Radiata pine, established Lucerne and non-selective weed and brush control.


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Active Ingredient: 750g/kg Hexazinone

Chemical Group: Triazinone

Formulation: Water dispersible granule

Hexazinone 750WG is a herbicide for selective weed control in Radiata pine and non selective weed control in waste and industrial areas.


Apply Hexazinone 750WG as a spray after the weeds have emerged and are growing actively. Application when vegetation is dormant or semi-dormant may not be as effective. Apply Hexazinone 750WG with a boom sprayer (ground or aerial) or spot application equipment. Before spraying calibrate equipment to determine the quantity of water necessary to uniformly and thoroughly cover the vegetation in a measured area to be treated. Measure the proper amount of Hexazinone 750WG herbicide and mix into necessary volume of water. Agitation during mixing and application is required to keep the product in suspension.

FORESTRY (Radiata Pine Only)

Site Preparation: For weed control in old grassland or cut-over sites apply 2.5-10kg Hexazinone 750WG per hectare prior to planting out. Use the higher rate on heavy soils, high rainfall areas or for control of bracken, blackberry, seedling gorse, seedling broom, paspalum and Himalayan honeysuckle.

Release Spraying: Apply 2.5-5kg Hexazinone 750WG per sprayed hectare over the trees to control broadleaf weeds and grasses. For control of bracken, blackberry, seedling gorse, seedling broom, paspalum, and Himalayan honeysuckle, use 7-10kg/ha when weeds are making active growth.

Aerial Application: Foaming Nozzle System: Apply in a minimum of 230 litres of water per hectare as two overlapping passes of 115 litres per hectare.

Spot Release Application: Using calibrated spot release application equipment apply 0.25-0.5g Hexazinone 750WG per square metre for control of broadleaf weeds and grasses or 0.6-1g per square metre for control of bracken, blackberry, seedling gorse, seedling broom, paspalum, and Himalayan honeysuckle, or in higher rainfall areas. These rates can be achieved by mixing 30g Hexazinone 750WG per litre of water and applying 10-15ml solution (grasses/broadleaf weeds) or 20-30ml per square metre for control of bracken, blackberry, seedling gorse, seedling broom, paspalum, and Himalayan honeysuckle. Note: Because tree injury may result do not use on trees which have poor vigour due to disease, transplant shock or show symptoms or other stress conditions such as moisture stress due to hot weather conditions. Do not use on light soils, sands, or soils low in organic matter or waterlogged soils. Do not add surfactant if applied over the top of trees.

Tank Mixtures: Hexazinone 750WG may be applied in combination with terbuthylazine. Apply Hexazinone 750WG at 2-3kg/ha plus terbuthylazine at label rates. Use the higher range of rates on dense vegetation, harder to kill weed species such as Californian thistle, paspalum, seedling gorse or seedling broom or where longer residual activity is needed to control summer germinating grasses.

Non-Selective Weed Control: Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses -Long Term Control Apply 5-10kg/ha as a foliar spray to control a wide range of weeds for an extended period of time. Use the higher rate on heavy soils or soils high in organic matter (i.e. carbon content), on light soils where rainfall is heavy, or on hard to kill species such as paspalum, yarrow, Californian thistle, kikuyu and scrub weeds (see scrub weed section below). For knapsack application, 70g of Hexazinone 750WG in 10 litres of water applied to 100 square metres is equivalent to 7kg per ha.

Scrub Weed Control: Apply 7-10kg/ha as a foliar treatment on scrub species such as blackberry, bracken, manuka, sweet brier, seedling gorse and seedling broom. For handgun applications apply 600g per 100 litres of water.

Established Lucerne: Use only on lucerne stands that have been established for at least 12 months. Apply when weeds are actively growing; i.e. October to January. Hexazinone 750WG may be applied after cutting or grazing. Use water rates of around 300 litres per hectare. Apply 1.2kg/ha to control -Annual poa; white clover; subterranean clover; shepherd's purse; sweet vernal; nodding thistle (after the flowering stalk has commenced to bolt); mouse ear chickweed. Apply 1.8kg/ha to control -Browntop; storksbill; ragwort (after the seed head has bolted); woolly mullein; nodding thistle (at rosette stage).

Caution: Some yellowing of lucerne foliage and a check to growth may occur. To minimise these effects -Do not apply to lucerne suffering from drought stress. Do not apply to rank lucerne growth. Up to 10cm is acceptable, but ideally the less lucerne leaf exposed, the better. Brassica crops should not be sown within 12 months of applying Hexazinone 750WG.

Hexazinone 750WG is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. P7959