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 10Kg Monelo 90WG

10Kg Monelo 90WG

A selective herbicide for broadleaf and grass weed control in forestry, maize, sweetcorn, peas and long-term weed control in non-crop situations.


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Active Ingredient: 900g/kg terbuthylazine

Chemical Group: Triazine

Formulation: Water dispersible granule

Monelo 90WG is a selective herbicide for the control of a range of broadleaf and grass weeds in forestry, maize, sweetcorn, peas, certain orchard crops and long-term weed control in non-crop situations. Monelo 90WG offers contact and residual control of weeds.


MONELO is a slow acting selective herbicide for broadleaf weed and grass control in forestry, maize, sweetcorn, peas, certain orchard crops and in non-crop situations for long-term vegetation control.


MONELO is absorbed through the roots and leaves, with effects taking 1-3 weeks to become apparent. Rainfall within 3 hours of spraying will lessen the effect of post-emergent application. For both pre and post- emergent applications, rainfall or irrigation within one week of spraying is necessary for good residual control. MONELO should be applied to a clean soil surface with a firm, fine tilth and good soil moisture where pre-emergence treatments are to be incorporated.


Radiata pine, Douglas fir, Eucalyptus spp. MONELO may be applied either pre-planting or as a release treatment over newly planted bare rooted trees. It controls a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds such as Yorkshire fog, browntop, sweet vernal, ryegrass, poa spp., cocksfoot, catsear, chickweed, seedling gorse, thistles, clover and lotus. Best control will be obtained if treatments are applied to bare ground or when existing vegetation is less than 10cm high, before it undergoes rapid spring growth.

Note: Where grass weeds predominate, especially the more difficult to kill perennial grasses, it is recommended that MONELO be tank-mixed with an approved grasskiller such as VEGA 240EC.

Broadcast treatment: Apply 8.3-11.0kg MONELO in 150-300 litres water/ha (refer application table for more detail).

Spot Treatment: Carefully calibrate equipment to apply 0.83-1.1g MONELO per square metre in sufficient water for good coverage. Treat approximately 2 square metres around each tree (refer application table for suggested dilution rate).


- Broadcast Treatment Rate/ha applied in 150- 300 litres water/ha Spot Treatment Rate/litre applied at 20ml spray solution per sq. metre -
MONELO + wetting agent 8.3 – 11.00 kg 42 – 55 g General broadleaf and grass weed control, where existing vegetation is below 10cm in height.
NOTE: Use the higher rate to control gorse seedlings.

ORCHARD CROPS: Pipfruit, Citrus, Grapes, Kiwifruit Apply 3.3-4.4kg/ha. Do not apply to trees/vines less than one year old, or where plants are growing in light sandy loams.

  • Pre-emergence: Apply in spring to weed free soil.
  • Post-emergence: To control established weeds, tankmix with a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate.


  • Pre-emergence: Apply 1.7-2 kg/ha in 200-300 litres water/ha after sowing, but before crop emergence. Tank-mix and approved pre-emergence grass weed herbicide if a heavy grass weed population is expected.
  • Post-emergence: Apply 1.7 kg/ha to actively growing weeds no greater than 5cm high. The addition of a spreader- sticker will improve performance.

Note: In some locations, fathen is resistant to triazine herbicides, and a post-emergence treatment of dicamba is necessary for control.

PEAS: Apply 830 g to 1.1 kg/ha in 200-300 litres water/ha, after sowing but before crop emergence. Do not use on light, sandy soils or on soils which are stony or low in organic matter. Use the higher rate under dry soil conditions.

INDUSTRIAL WEED CONTROL: For non-cropland areas such as roadsides, footpaths, pipelines, industrial storage and waste sites and around farm buildings. Apply 8.3 – 11.0 kg/ha. Use the higher rate for heavier soils and where longer term weed control is desirable. To achieve knockdown and control of existing vegetation, add glyphosate.

MIXING AND APPLICATION: MONELO mixes readily with water. No pre-mixing is required. Add required quantity to ½ filled spray tank. Re-seal part used container. Maintain agitation. If left overnight, agitate thoroughly before spraying again. MONELO can be applied by conventional spraying equipment. Do not use strainers finer than 300 micrometres. After spraying, clean equipment with several flushes of clean water. Take care not to discard washings onto cropping land, or near waterways or the roots of desirable plants.

COMPATIBILITY: MONELO is compatible with most common herbicides. When tank-mixing, read and follow the directions on each label.

Monelo 90WG is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. P7827