10L Goldazim 500SC


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Fungicide for the control of the causal organism of Facial Eczema in pasture.

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Active Ingredient: 500g/litre carbendazim

Chemical Group: Benzimidazole

Formulation: Suspension concentrate Pack

Compatibility: Compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides. Do not use with lime sulphur or Bordeaux mixture.

For the control of the causal organism of Facial Eczema in pasture.

Goldazim 500SC controls the toxin producing organism Pithomyces chartarum in pasture. Where possible, pastures should be treated in anticipation of danger periods. Protection normally lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Rate: Apply 300ml/hectare in 100-200 litres of water. Ensure complete coverage of all areas likely to be grazed e.g. under fence lines, hedges and trees, etc. The addition of a spreader-sticker is recommended.

Timing: In early February treat enough pasture to graze all susceptible stock for 14 days. Treat further areas as required so that stock may graze 7-10 days after spraying. If heavy rain occurs within 3 days of treatment, pasture should be resprayed.

Grazing: During danger periods, limit grazing of susceptible stock to treated areas. In emergency situations, some worthwhile protection is present on pasture sprayed at least 24 hours before grazing.

General: Goldazim 500SC is a benzimidazole fungicide recommended for the control of specific diseases in a range of crops.

Important – Resistance Management

Resistance to Goldazim 500SC and related benzimidazole (MBC) fungicides has developed. In order to help prevent further development of resistant strains, use strictly in accordance with label instructions.

Goldazim 500SC is a flowable formulation to be mixed with water for application as a spray. The addition of a spreader-sticker is recommended when spraying hard-to-wet plants.


NOTE: The following recommendations are for high volume spraying to the point of run off. For concentrate spraying, adjust dilution rates accordingly.

Crop Disease Rate Remarks
Apples Black Spot 25ml/100 litres Confine use to the period from 2nd cover to preharvest. Apply only in mixture with suitable protectant fungicides such as Polyram® DF. Do not apply more than two times in any growing season.
Stonefruit Peach scab Brown rot 25 50ml/100 litres Apply during the blossom period only. Do not exceed two applications per growing season. Use the high rate when disease pressure is severe.
Field tomatoes Beans Lettuce Sclerotinia 2 litres/ha in 600-1000 litres of water Apply during the early season period immediately after transplanting or seed emergence.
Beans Botrytis 2 litres/ha in 600-1000 litres of water Apply in a programme with alternative Botryticides. Use no more than two applications per season.
Wheat & Barley Eyespot 300-500ml/ha in 200 litres of water Apply only in second year crop. If control was below expectation use an alternative product in third year crop. Do not apply to more than two consecutive crops. Use 500ml rate at Feekes G.S.5 (Leaf sheaths have lengthened) and 300ml rate at Feekes G.S. 7-8). (“Shot blade”).
Barley Scald 300-500ml/ha in 200 litres of water For combined eyespot and scald control, apply according to eyespot recommendation. For scald control apply the high rate at the first sign of disease. Apply no more than two applications per season.
Onions Botrytis 500ml/ha in 400-600 litres of water Apply at ‘flag stage’ and 14-21 days later. Treat again 30 days before harvest with a further application 10-14 days later if infection persists. Apply in a programme with alternative botryticides. Use no more than 4 applications per season.

Goldazim 500SC is compatible with most commonly used pesticides. Do not mix with strongly alkaline materials such as Bordeaux mixture and lime sulphur.

Withholding Periods:
Stonefruit – Do not use after petal fall. Beans – 14 days. Apples – 7 days. Tomatoes – 3 days. Lettuce – 21 days. Cereals – 60 days. Onions – 14 days

Goldazim 500SC is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. P5471

10L Goldazim 500SC


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