1L Lavron


A SP insecticide for insect control in cereals, brassicas, maize, sweetcorn and white clover seed crops.


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Active Ingredient: 250g/litre lambda-cyhalothrin

Chemical Group: Synthetic pyrethroid

Formulation: Oil-in-water emulsion

Lavron® is a generic competitor to Karate and a highly effective synthetic pyrethroid insecticide which is active against a broad spectrum of insect pests. Lavron is fast acting and works by both contact and ingestion. It also offers long-lasting residual control.

COMPATIBILITY: Lavron mixes readily with water and is compatible with commonly used fungicides except strong alkaline materials such as Bordeaux mixture and lime sulphur. It is an offence to use this product on animals.

The rates suggested are for high volume spraying to run off. For concentrate spraying, adjust dilution rate accordingly.

Crop Pest Rate Critical Comments
Beans Tomato Fruitworm 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 500 litres of water/ha. Apply when insects first appear and if necessary 2 to 3 weeks later.
Beans, Forage brassicas, Maize, Onions, Sweet corn (seedlings) and Tomatoes. Cutworm 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 300 litres of water/ha. Apply immediately after damage occurs, preferably in the evening as a directed spray to thoroughly cover the base of the plants and the surrounding soil.
Cereals Cereal aphid, Rose grain aphid 20 to 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 200 litres of water/ha. Apply at first sign of aphids. Apply the lower rate when aphid pressure is low and shorter residual activity is required. A second application may be required if aphids continue to migrate into the crop. Ensure sufficient water volume is used to give thorough crop penetration and coverage.
Citrus Fullers Rose Weevil 300 mL/100 litres as a directed trunk spray. Apply sufficient spray to form a complete band around the trunk from the base to 30cm high, using up to 300 mL/trunk. Apply at monthly intervals, using directed spray equipment. Commence prior to adult weevil emergence from ground and continue over duration of pest activity – usually December to June unless otherwise ascertained by monitoring. Ensure trees are well skirted up and tree rows are free of weeds to assist in control.
Field tomatoes Tomato Fruitworm 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 1000 litres of water/ha. Apply at three week intervals from transplanting or thinning.
Forage and Horticultural brassicas Diamondback moth, White butterfly caterpillars 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 700 litres of water/ha. Apply to seedbeds and following transplanting at two week intervals or as indicated by pest activity.
Grapes Thrips 4 mL/100 litres (DO NOT use less than 20 mL/ha) Apply at early flowering. Apply in sufficient water to achieve good coverage of flower clusters.
Grapes Bronze beetle, Grass grub beetle 4 mL/100 litres (DO NOT use less than 40 mL/ha) Apply at dusk, when beetle flights begin. Apply in sufficient water to obtain coverage. Repeat after 14 days if flights are still continuing.
Onions Onion Thrip 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 500 litres water/ha. Apply at first sign of onion thrip and repeat as necessary.
Potatoes Potato Tuber Moth 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 500 litres water/ha. Apply at first sighting of moths then at 2 week intervals. Maintain adequate soil moisture and soil cover over developing tubers to assist prevention of tuber mining.
White Clover seed crops Blue-Green Aphid, Potato Mirid, Thrips 40 mL/ha in a minimum of 200 litres of water/ha. Apply at first flower initiation and repeat again 10 to 14 days later if required.

NOTE: Add a non-ionic low foam wetting agent at label rates.

IT IS AN OFFENCE for users of this product to cause residues exceeding the relevant MRL in the New Zealand (Maximum Residue Limits of Agricultural Compounds) Food Standards.

Beans – 3 days; Citrus – Avoid contamination of fruit; Cereals (grain) – 70 days; Cereals (Barley and wheat forage) – 28 days; Field tomatoes – 3 days; Forage brassicas – DO NOT allow stock to graze within 14 days of last application; Grapes – DO NOT use after capfall; Maize, Sweet corn – seedlings only; Onions – 14 days; Potatoes – 14 days; Vegetable brassicas – 3 days; White Clover seed crops – DO NOT allow stock to graze within 70 days of last application.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. P8201

1L Lavron