5L Solvo 360CS


A pre-emergent herbicide for the control of certain weeds in peas, potatoes, fodder beet, oilseed rape and certain fodder brassicas.

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Active Ingredient: 360g/litre clomazone

Chemical Group: Isoxazolidinone

Formulation: Capsule Suspension (CS)

Solvo® 360CS facilitates the control of weeds at the key establishment phase of the crop. This leads to faster and healthier crop establishment, and a reduced need (or none at all) for any post-emergent. Solvo® 360CS is a residual herbicide which must be applied at the pre-emergent stage of both the crop and of the weeds.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Solvo 360CS works primarily through residual activity and weed uptake. Solvo 360CS effectively controls a range of weeds. Solvo 360CS has very limited contact activity and should be applied before the crop or weeds have emerged. Application after crop emergence may be damaging to the crop.

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT: Solvo 360CS is a GROUP F3 HERBICIDE. Resistance to this herbicide and related herbicides could develop in some situations from repeated use. To minimise this risk, use strictly in accordance with the label instructions. Follow individual crop herbicide resistance management strategies.

SOIL TYPE: DO NOT use Solvo 360CS on very light or heavy soils, as efficacy may be significantly reduced.

Crops which are direct-drilled must be covered with soil to avoid poor results. Moisture is essential for Solvo 360CS to work. Ensure adequate soil moisture for best results.

Crop Damage: In certain conditions, crop damage can result. This is often transitory, but avoid application under cold and/or excessively wet conditions.

WEEDS CONTROLLED: Various broadleaf and grass weeds. Herbicide application must be made prior to weed emergence and with adequate soil moisture.



TANK MIXING: Partially fill spray tank with agitation running, and add chemicals in the following order:

  1. Wettable powders and dispersible granules.
  2. Suspension concentrates or flowables.
  3. Fill tank to ½ full with agitation running. Add Solvo 360CS.
  4. Continue to fill spray tank and add emulsifiable concentrates when near full.
  5. Complete filling of spray tank while maintaining agitation. Maintain agitation until spraying is complete.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Spray on to a moist, firm seedbed which is free from plant matter and clods, prior to weed and crop emergence. Apply in sufficient water to obtain even coverage of the soil. A contact herbicide (e.g. glyphosate) may be added to control emerged weeds.

CROP Rate / Hectare Critical Comments
CARROTS 250mL-330mL Apply prior to crop and weed emergence.
DWARF GREEN BEANS 660mL Apply before crop emergence.
PEAS 250mL-660mL Apply before crop emergence. A registered, complementary tankmix herbicide may be added to broaden the range of weeds controlled. Use the lower rate on light soils and the high rate on heavier soils.
PUMPKINS BUTTERCUP SQUASH 400mL-660mL Use the light rate on lights soils (silts, loams) and higher rates on heavy soils (clay loams) and soils high in organic matter (peats).
POTATOES 330mL Spray before crop emergence, in tankmix with a suitable herbicide partner, based on the specific weed spectrum which is present in the crop.
VEGETABLE BRASSICAS (Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Kohlrabi) 250mL-330mL Apply before crop and weed emergence. May be applied in tankmix with a suitable, registered herbicide to broaden the weed spectrum and target the specific weeds which are present in the particular crop. Do not use on any other vegetable brassica species.
FORAGE & SEED BRASSICAS – PRE-EMERGENCE 250mL-330mL/ha Apply Solvo 360CS before drilling and in combination with glyphosate. Ensure the seedbed has adequate moisture and is free of trash and clods and apply after straight after drilling. May be mixed with a herbicide partner to broaden the weed spectrum. Do not apply to forage or seed brassica species which do not have a proven tolerance to clomazone. If in doubt, apply to a small plot test area first before applying on a large scale.
FORAGE & SEED BRASSICAS – PRE-PLANT SOIL INCORPORATED. 400mL/ha Tankmix and incorporate with a suitable and registered trifluralin-based herbicide.

Crop Damage: To avoid transient crop damage, and the potential impact on crop development, the following precautions should be taken to mitigate the potential for harm to the crop:

  • Do not apply Solvo 360CS under cold conditions or where soils are saturated with excessive moisture.
  • Do not spray near any other bordering crops, amenity or ornamental areas, where desirable plant species are present.
  • Ensure that only a single application of Solvo 360CS is made in any one season.
  • Avoid applying Solvo 360CS during windy conditions.

Crop Failure and Subsequent Crop Planting: In the event of a crop failure, do not re-plant any new crops within 4 months from the time of initial herbicide application. Plant a small plot within the sprayed area to test for any impact on the subsequent crop prior to planting the entire area.

COMPATIBILITY: Solvo 360CS is compatible with a range of herbicides. Small-scale testing prior to extensive use is recommended. Observe all label recommendations for all products.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Approval No. P8525

5L Solvo 360CS

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