Cydectin LA Injection for sheep 500ml


Cydectin Long Acting Injection effectively controls parasites in sheep




Contains MOXIDECTIN 20mg/mL

For the treatment and control of internal parasites, nasal bot and itchmite in sheep.

Recommendation for use

Ewes pre-lamb

Hoggets in summer/autumn for extended roundworm and/or barber’s pole control and to help reduce incidence or hogget pneumonia (through less frequent yarding and drenching).


  • Contains moxidectin, the most potent ML (macrocyclic lactone) available
  • Easy to use injection.
  • Optimal parasite control for ewes pre-lamb and hoggets in autumn.
  • persistent activity for improved worm control
  • Demonstrated productivity advantage (ewes were 3.2kg heavier and their lambs 2.6kg heavier at weaning) over non-treated ewes when treated pre-lamb, equivalent to ewes treated with combination capsules.

Persistant Activity

  • Teladorsagia circumcincta  (Brown Stomach Worm)  112 days.
  • Trichostrongylus Colubreformis (Black Scour Worm)  42 Days.
  • Haemonchus Contortus (Barber’s Pole)  91 Days.

DOSE RATE SHEEP: 1 mL/20 kg bodyweight by subcutaneous injection at the base of the ear or high on the neck behind the ear

Bodyweight Dose Rate Doses per 500ml
20 kg 1mL 500
21 – 30 kg 1.5mL 333
31 – 40 kg 2.0mL 250
41 – 50 kg 2.5mL 200
51 – 60 kg 3.0mL 166
61 – 70 kg 3.5mL 142


Withholding Period

MEAT: Sheep producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter either during treatment or within 91 days of the last treatment.
MILK: Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during treatment and for not less than 180 days following the last treatment.


  • Not recommended for use in goats as safety and efficacy have not been evaluated

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No.A9926

Cydectin LA Injection for sheep 500ml