Paramectin Injection for Cattle 500ml


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Abamectin Injection

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Paramectin Injection for Cattle & Sheep


PARAMECTIN Injection effectively controls the following parasites of cattle and sheep.

Cattle:Gastro-intestinal roundworms: adult and immature Ostertagia spp (including inhibited immatures),Trichostrongylus spp, Cooperia spp., Bunstomum spp,Oesophagostomum spp, and adults of Chabertia, Nematodirus spp and Trichuris. Controls infection with Oesophagostomum radiatum up to at least 7 days after treatment, Ostertogio spp., Cooperia spp. and Trichostrongylus axei up to at least 14 days after treatment.

Lungworms: adult and immature Dictyocaulus viviparus. Controls infection with Dictyocaulus viviparus acquired up to 21 days after treatment

Note to user

PARAMECTIN INJECTION contains 10 mg/mL abamectin,a member of the macrocyclic lactone group of compounds. It is effective against eternal parasites sensitive to this family. Resistance can develop to any anthelmintic. Ask your local veterinary practitioner or animal health adviser for recommended parasite management practices for your area to reduce development of resistance. It is advisable that a resistance test be conducted regularly when using any parasite treatment.

The low-volume dosage level of PARAMECTIN Injection makes it convenient for use with most syringes or automatic injectors. Field studies have demonstrated an adequate margin of safety. Pregnant and breeding cattle and sheep may be treated provided normal care is taken in handling.

Transitory discomfort has been observed in some cattle following subcutaneous administration. A low incidence of soft-tissue swelling at the injection site has been observed. These reactions have disappeared without treatment. Toxicity seen as unsteady gait and sometimes death has occurred due to overdosing in some calves. To avoid overdosing, special care must be exercised in estimating bodyweight and setting injection equipment.

Do not treat calves under 16 weeks of age.
representative sample of animals should be weighed before treatment either with scales or a weighband. Dose rate to be based on heaviest cattle in each group (bulls, cows, steers, calves, etc.). Do not underdose.

Dose Rate: CATTLE: 1 mL per 50 kg bodyweight by subcutaneous injection.

DOSE RATE: 1mL/50kg bodyweight

Bodyweight Dose Rate 500mL treats
Up 100kg 2mL 250
101 – 150kg 3mL 166
151 – 200kg 4mL 125
201 – 250kg 5mL 100
251 – 300kg 6mL 83
301 – 350kg 7mL 71
451 – 500kg 10mL 50

Injection to be given into the anterior half of the neck.
Cattle in excess of 500 kg to be dosed at 1 mL per 50 kg bodyweight.

Withholding Period

MEAT: Cattle producing meat and offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter during or within 49 days of last treatment.

MILK: Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded for not less than 49 days following the last treatment.

Ensure injection is subcutaneous. Intramuscular injection will result in prolonged residues.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No.A7638

Paramectin Injection for Cattle 500ml


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