Tick Pour-on Tickicide 5L & 10L

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Tick Pour-on Tickicide 10g/L Flumethrin for Cattle & Deer


Cost effective tickicide treatment, treats and controls all 3 stages of lifecycle. Easy to use pour-on total body coverage. Persistent activity against ticks.  Dramatic visible results

Rainfast – not affected by rain falling within a few hours

DOSE RATE for Cattle: 1ml per 10kg bodyweight

Weight Range Dose Rate Doses per 5L
Up to 100kg Up to 10mL 500
101 – 150kg 15mL 333
151 – 200kg 20mL 250
201 – 250kg 25mL 200
251 – 300kg 30mL 166
301 – 350kg 35mL 142
351 – 400kg 40mL 125
401 – 450kg 45mL 111
451 – 500kg 50mL 100
501 – 550kg 55mL 90
551 – 600kg 60mL 83

DOSE RATE for Deer: Up to 6 months – 10mL,  Yearlings and adults – 20mL

Administration: Apply Tick Pour-on along the midline of the back from the front of the shoulders to the tail head.  Use a plastic measuring cup or drenching gun to apply.  Retreatment should be undertaken when ticks start to reappear.  For optimum control of deer, breeding hinds should be treated every three weeks from August to fawning, this program will reduce the number of nymphs reaching the adult stage, which infest fawn during Nov/Dec.  Other stock should be treated every three weeks from August, or as required

Adverse Effects: Signs of mild irritation may be observed for 24 to 48 hours after treatment.  Hair loss at the site of application may occur on deer which are sheddin their winter coat at the time of treatment.  This effect is temporary and can be minimised by spreading the dose over the entire backline.  Growth of summer coat is not affected

Withholding Periods

Meat – Nil.

Milk – Nil.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No A011499


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